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A professional manufacturer of auto parts, mainly involving air springs (cab air springs, chassis air springs), shock absorber rubber and plastic parts (upper supports, bushings, rubber dust covers, blow molded dust covers, plastic protective shells) ), engine mount (conventional mount, hydraulic mount), chassis rubber parts, etc. Over the years, we have worked closely with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Shaanxi Petrochemical Research Institute and other colleges and research institutes, and have consistently focused on the R&D and production of rubber parts in the fields of automobile vibration reduction, noise reduction, and cushioning. Vibrator rubber parts (upper support, bushing, dust cover), engine suspension (conventional suspension, hydraulic suspension), chassis rubber parts and air springs (cab air spring, chassis air spring). At present, there are 16 series of more than 4000 kinds of products, which widely cover the application fields of rubber parts in the mini-car, passenger car, commercial vehicle, and bus industries.



Analysis of the development trend of my country's petrochemical industry in the next few years
Relevant experts believe that in the next few years, my country’s petroleum and chemical industry will further expand its market space. The petrochemical industry will become a hot spot for investment.
Professional English for Injection Molding
  Surface Appearance    Glossiness/gloss finish    Matt finish/matt surface    Glass fiber rich surface/glass emergence on the surface    Blooming/surface blooming    White patches on surface    Silver marks/silver streak    Splay mark    Flow mark   Weld line    Brittle/brittleness   Bubbles/trapped gas    Void    Burn marks    FR failed    Flame rating V-2    Poor dispersion    FR/PTFE …agglomerates etc    Pellet porous    Low impact/tensile etc    High flow/filler content etc    Longs/fines/doubles    Poor cut    Bristle/voids    Glass bundles    Product was rejected due to   High moisture level    Warpage/warped    Shrinkage/shrink    Sink marks    Short shot/short molding    Distortion   Over dimension    Under dimension    Flashing    Discoloration    Off color    Flow rate    Viscous    High flow    Low flow    Sticky    Mold release    Antioxidant    Flame retardant agent    Heat stabilizer    Chopped glass fiber    Roving glass fiber    Glass beads    Milled fiber    Molybdenum disulfide/moly/MoS2    Colorant    Pigment    Dye    Accepted product specification    Approved our product   Re-set spec    Add in extra …    Reduced … content    Dropped/reduced … by x%    Confirmed color standard    Approved color standard    Re-confirmed color standard    Qualified our product    Undergoing heat aging test    Product is under testing    Received first order    Expected to finish by …    Expected order is xMT    Estimated annual/monthly consumption 
Definition, classification and use of degradable plastics
Degradable plastic refers to a kind of plastic whose products have various properties that can meet the requirements of use. The performance remains unchanged during the storage period. After use, it can degrade into environmentally harmless materials under natural environmental conditions. Therefore, it is also It is called environmentally degradable plastic.

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